About me

My name is Thom Castermans. Starting September 2015 I am working as a PhD student at the TU Eindhoven, after having finished my Master Computer Science & Engineering in August 2015.

Next to being a PhD, I work at JuistdIT, an IT company where I do both backend and frontend (web)development. Keywords/abbreviations that apply are PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, Scrum, Java and apps. While doing that, I try to help my younger/less experienced collegues when they have problems with web standards and the implementations of browsers thereof, or programming in general.

geek, enthusiastic, perfectionist,
driven, absent-minded professor

Because I spend a lot of my time in front of computers, I think that it is very important to be outside in my spare time. Some exercise is healthy and otherwise, I get rusty. This is why I regularly go running and every week I participate in survivalrun training (which basically is running with obstacles, or, in other words, a playground for grown-ups). In summer you could spot me somewhere on a mountain while I am hiking. Unfortunately, that does require me to go abroad.