About Joxy

On this page, you can read how and why Joxy was created.


In the fall of 2011, Thom and Willem, two students, noted once again how ugly Java Swing applications look on KDE. For their studies, they had to program a lot in Java and Java Swing and every time they started a program, they were annoyed by how bad it looks.

Other students, using Windows with the Windows LAF or using Mac with its Aqua LAF did have some pretty good integration with the system LAF, but KDE just did not. Despite several hours of intensive searching on the web, not a clue was found on how to integrate Java Swing with KDE. Yes, there is a KDE LAF, but that was written for KDE 3 or something - not good. And yes, there is the GTK LAF, that works pretty good and makes applications look reasonably well if you have GTK integration with Qt, but this solution is not perfect of course.

So, those two students decided to go and create their own LAF. The result can be found on this website and on SourceForge, where after some time the project was put to benefit of the profits of the Open Source community and share our work with the world.

At the time of writing, Joxy is still a work in progress, but it starts to look very good. In the jungle of creating a LAF, where it is needed from time to time to drop your sense of "nice" programming and just copy private methods from the Basic LAF and where digging through the original Oxygen theming code to make the integration just a little bit better, we are slowly getting nicely integrating Java Swing programs. Hooray! :)

The logo

KDE and Java both have their own mascots: KDE has Konqi, the friendly dragon, and Java has Duke. We thought it would be nice to combine those two. The result is the Joxy logo shown below.

Joxy's logo

For this logo we used the Konqi model by Basse and the Duke model by the Duke project.