Download Joxy

On this page, you can download all versions of Joxy. The downloads are hosted by SourceForge.

Current version

This is the latest released version of Joxy. It is (reasonably) stable. We recommend this version for normal use.

VersionDateMajor new features
0.2.025 April 2013Borders, better JList, position-dependent colour for JButtonDownload

Development version (unstable)

If you want to track the development closely, you can get the source code from our Git repository. See the documentation. Note that the development version may compile sometimes, and it might even work correctly :-) Seriously, this version is not recommended for normal use.

Old versions

These are older versions of Joxy. We do not recommend them because they contain less styled components, and probably more bugs.

VersionDateMajor new features
0.1.017 August 2012Many new componentsDownload
0.0.312 May 2012New components and native text renderingDownload
0.0.22 February 2012New componentsDownload
0.0.1December 2011First versionDownload